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28040. Madrid. Spain.


Pharmarecs aims to recruit the best health professionals available in the Spanish and Portuguese markets. This task is carried out in a cost effective manner and taking into account the client's specific needs.

1. Contacting the right people.

Selecting pharmacists and dentists fitted to work in a foreign country is not always easy, this is why Pharmarecs has the best team of professionals with a background in pharmacy and dentistry as well as international recruitment experience. Taking a briefing as a starting point, the advertisement plan is developed and the most competitive advertising rates are negotiated with prestigious publications and Internet employment sites in Spain and Portugal.

The staff of Pharmarecs develops a number of other strategies to attract possible candidates such as touring the Schools of Pharmacy and Dentistry, and the relevant professional bodies, offering talks regarding professional practice as well as the client┬┤s specific needs.

2. Handling the response.

Pharmarecs handles all the response to the advertisements, including any telephone queries. This service includes a basic sift of the CVs (including their translation into English) and evaluation of the candidate┬┤s English level before the profile is forwarded to the client.

3. Selection Process.

Most companies do not have enough time to run a recruitment campaign on their own, especially in a foreign country. The team of employees of Pharmarecs has its headquarters in Madrid, from where they are able to provide a comprehensive first round of interviews in the shortest period of time.

4. Helping the selected candidates.

Once the recruitment process is over, Pharmarecs focuses on the selected candidates, informing them thoroughly about the working conditions and different features of their new jobs. One of the biggest drawbacks of international recruitment may be the lack of information about Pharmacy or dental practise in the destination country. Another obstacle facing the new employees is that of obtaining the paperwork required in order to register at the relevant professional body.

This is why moving to a new job in a new country can be a stressfull time. Nevertheless, Pharmarecs can help both candidates and employers to adapt to the new conditions in a secure, effective and gradual way. In this regard, the company provides the following services:

  • A complete guide through the registration process in the relevant professional body (GDC, DCI, GPC, PSI, BIG REGISTRATION). This service includes guidance in the country of origin about how to obtain the relevant documents and legal translation of the registration papers.
  • Induction to Practise in the UK. A guide through the British Health system, standards of practice, different institutions (NHS, PCT, etc.).
  • Information about life in the UK, The Netherlands and Ireland. This includes useful information about how things work in the destination country. This service includes:
    • Flights to the UK and transfer from the airport (best rates available).
    • Short, medium and long-term accommodation (hotels, bed and breakfasts, apartments, mortgages and residences).
    • Assistance in obtaining Social Security (NI) number.
    • Assistance in opening a bank account.
    • Registering with a local doctor.
    • Taxation.