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T. +34 91 534 87 71
F. +34 91 553 02 86
C/ Almansa 94 Bajo.
28040. Madrid. Spain.

The Company

Pharmarecs is a health recruitment agency specialized in recruiting Spanish, French and Portuguese health professionals willing to broaden their horizons and work in the UK, the Netherlands and the Republic of Ireland. We focus on Dentists and Pharmacists.

Nowadays, Spain and Portugal are one of the main sources for the recruitment of highly qualified health professionals. British companies are not unaware of this fact and have set their eyes in the Iberian market. As niche recruiters of pharmacists, we have established our headquarters in Madrid city centre within walking distance from the faculties of Pharmacy, Dentistry and Medicine. We are in the best position to learn about possibilities of this market, not just in Madrid and Barcelona but in the country as a whole. Likewise, we offer direct guidance to the candidates.

Contact number: ++34 91 534 87 71

Fax: ++34 91 553 02 86

Address: Calle Almansa 94 Bajo. 28040. Madrid. Spain.

E-mail: javiermadrid@pharmarecs.com